Guided Eyes is an in-depth and easy to follow series of personal instructional videos created by professional makeup artists to give everyone the opportunity to learn the craft at the highest level. Our educators are award-winning artists, brand designers and industry-leading professionals.

You will be taught by the best in the business- from their techniques, tools, and products to help you throughout your journey in the world of makeup. Now available to anyone who wants to learn.


The Couture Bride is a course that has been used around the world for the last four years. Through this course you will be able to learn traditional bridal makeup techniques, avant-garde makeups and high fashion/editorial looks. It gives an in depth look at how to take basic everyday looks and transform them into edgy high fashion ready makeups.

"I think Guided Eyes is really fantastic.
This is a great way for people to get real education from professional artists and educators in the industry." Ve Neill, Academy Award Winning Artist

"Guided Eyes is an amazing platform
that takes you up close with trusted professional makeup artists with decades of experience in makeup artistry." Todd Harris Wolf, Celebrity Makeup Artist

"Alex Jay, is a purveyor of
couture beauty and delivers a stunning modern take
on the classic bride." John Esposito, Makeup Artist and Cos Bar Manager


  • Creating a Charter
  • World of Editorial Makeups in Depth
  • Beauty with Every Skintone